Magnetic Oil Plug From Manufacturer

What is the magnetic drain plug?

The Magnetic Oil Drain Plug is one kind of bolt. That is made of either Aluminum or Titanium alloy material and contains a magnet component. Even the structure is simple. It can keep the metal debris away and increases the engine life well.

magnetic oil plug


One type of transmission Oil Pan Plug is Compatible with some vehicles. So customers should check the thread pitch before placing an order. That means the plug has many types to suit different vehicles.

What magnet do we use?

Our plug uses a rare earth high-strength neodymium magnet, rated specifically to function in high-temperature environments extracting unwanted ferrous particles from vehicles engine.

Premium Quality Stainless steel

The magnetic drain plug is manufactured with real quality steel (Not Pot Metal) that will last for countless years to come. made of high-quality material. Tested & certified to meet or exceed OEM quality standards. We promising not to be a weak recycled material. The metal we use is strong enough to properly tighten the crush washer. Customers not need to worry This plug does not seal correctly and will leak.

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