Gun Magnet

A gun magnet is a device that attaches to the end of a handgun and allows you to quickly attach it to a surface.

The natural rubber coating protects the firearm from scratching when mounted, allowing for quick and easy mounting and release without the fear of damaging the gun.

Gun magnets always use double-sided adhesive tape and 2-4 heavy-duty screws, offering quick, easy, and secure installation – no more worrying about the gun or gun magnet falling.

gun magnet

All guns can be held?

No. Not all of them.

The hi-point pistols are not compatible with the magnet. Because their metal does not contain steel. So if you are a Hi-point owner, there is no gun magnet suit for you.

Except for Hi-point, almost all guns can be held by the gun magnet. Even the gun is plastic and polymer gun. Because almost every slide and barrel is made of steel.

What magnet is used?

Sintered neodymium magnet is used for the gun magnet. And the grade is N52 magnet. Because N52 neodymium magnet can offer a very big pull force. Some manufacturers will use N35 magnets in order to reduce costs. That is not enough. It will be not a big difference if you use the gun magnet at home or in the office. But when you use it for the vehicle or car, that will be quite different where vibration can be a big concern.

Can I DIY an adhesive magnet instead of the gun magnet?

No. DIY an adhesive with a pure magnet and a piece of tape. It seems to be able to achieve the function of the gun magnet. But it’s actually quite risky. That is very dangerous.

The suction force of NdFeB magnets is very large, if there is no rubber protection. The gun will hit the magnet due to the strong suction force, causing the magnet to shatter. Fragments will fly everywhere, and a small amount will stick to the gun.

In this case, the gun needs to be disassembled and cleaned. Because you can’t tell which part of the gun the magnets are on.

Custom with other material?

Yes. Rubber coated magnet is not the only choice. The leather gun magnet is more suitable for small batches and personalized orders. And the best leather gun magnet brand is Sofhold

Wholesale gun magnets

If you would like to custom gun magnet with your logo or brand. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a professional magnetic assembly factory, the gun magnet is one of our major products. We also offer magnetic knife strips and fishing magnets.

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