Since our establishment, we have been focusing on the manufacturing and trading of high-performance magnetic products. With the discovery of the company, we are now increasing equipment and scientific research personnel every year, hoping to transform from simple magnet production to advanced magnetic component production. 

Today, Osenc has professional equipment such as CNC machining, machining centers, planers, grinders, CNC milling machines, paint curing chambers, robotic arms, balancing machines, etc. and we can make Leak tests, torque tests, hermetic welding.

It has the ability to design and produce small and medium-sized wind turbines below 15KW, magnetic components for 1.1KW-75KW permanent magnet motors, and magnetic transmission products (magnetic variable speed transmission, magnetic variable speed, magnetic coupling). And our frequency converter, the conventional reducer can be alternatives to the magnetic adjustable speed drive, permanent magnet transmission.



There are many reasons to consider using our expert insight and output when it comes to magnetic assembly. We offer numerous services and uses, making sure that you can get all kinds of assemblies put together. This can range from basic and simplistic contraptions to more complex assemblies. Why, though, should you trust our service? Why should your magnetic assembly needs be dealt with by us?


Variety In Delivery

It does not matter if your magnetic assembly project is incredibly simple or majorly diverse; we have a team who can handle the process from start ‘til finish with absolute ease.

All Sizes Managed

From tiny small-scale projects to something that is extremely complex, we can help you to build the perfect solution for a project that comes to life and delivers exactly what you need.

Consistency In Output

We make sure that all of our assemblies follow a proven project management system. This allows for each project to be dealt with and to be successful on its own merits.


Pot magnets

The Best Tools In The Trade

All of our assemblies are delivered using the very best equipment, features, and facilities. 

Extensive Manufacturing Range

We are not limited to having to handle smaller or individual orders. We can handle small-scale orders, as well as large orders for the aerospace and automotive industries.

Passionate About Success

Our team understand the importance of using magnetic assembly, and the incredible benefits that it can have on the wider industry. This is why we highly recommend you work with us – we understand what you need, and what is required to succeed.

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